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“We take our customer feedback very seriously. It helps us learn, become better and occasionally makes us smile.” 

BEES Electrical

June 2015


“I still remember Mike’s expression when he saw the state of my house after a pretty nasty tenant experience. It went from one of disbelief to determination and after several weeks the team from BEES had made my house safe, clean and the electrics were in a superior condition than before the tenant disaster. 

Mike’s focus was on my safety first and he worked long, late hours to ensure that. There were no long chit chats and copious amounts of tea deliberating the perils of rental properties – just hard graft.

The only wires in my house are the ones that should be there.

The house is happy and I’ll never let it again. Since then I only use BEES Electrical. I trust them.”

Grateful-nr Berkhamsted